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Dolphins are amazing! Did you know that they communicate by whistling, moaning, and making clicking sounds?  Flipper first won my heart when I was a young child during a visit with my family to the Miami Seaquarium.  His playful demeanor and sleek shape were fascinating and endearing to me.  When the Flipper Show aired on TV during 1964-1967, I fell in love with Flipper’s perpetual smile, fun-loving personality, and vocal style.

I could not help being inspired when I heard about the story of a very special dolphin named Winter.  At 3 months old, she was stranded after becoming entangled in a trapline. The odds of her survival were slim. Thanks to CMA’s dedication and care, she did survive,but her injury caused the loss of her tail. After a few months, Winter was healed, next she needed a tail. The vet trainers and Hanger prosthetics initiated a plan to get her one.  Adapting to a new home and even a new swim pattern was hard work for Winter.

What I found most inspiring was that, in spite of the incredible struggle, Winter never gave up.  After watching the movie Dolphin Tale, which chronicles her survival and recovery,  I decided I wanted to help. I contacted Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA) to offer assistance with fundraising.

And that’s how the I Love (heart) Winter charm series was born.  We will be producing a set of charms to commemorate Winter’s tenacious spirit and donating 50% of the proceeds for her care at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.  CMA has outgrown their facilities and is in need of assistance in order to keep providing a safe sanctuary for hurt and stranded animals like Winter.

The first charm became available on December 1st.  It features Winter on a rhodium plated piece with a clear Swarovski crystal depicting the twinkle in her eyes.

The second charm will be coming soon, so stay tuned!  For those who want to donate directly to CMA, you can do so here wintercharm_jpg

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