Love the Oceans

La Islenita is so in love with the ocean, its shores, everything in and around it that we want to spread our passion by offering you gorgeous original sterling silver and gold jewelry. Also, we are now expanding into trendy fun accessories!

We are all about taking time away to relax, to take a deep breath and clear our minds. Whether it’s a drive to the lake; a trip to the spa; a dip in the Jacuzzi; or a fizzy bubble bath, we all relax in the water.

Reminisce about your walks on the beach, building sandcastles, sitting on the shore and collecting seashells. ”Time stands still when you are near the water”.

We all play a role in maintaining the beauty and purity of our oceans that holds 96 percent of the earth’s water. Join us on our journey to learn how we can all make a difference in little ways to ensure our beautiful planet, covered three quarters by water, maintains the balance we all rely on.

Let us hear about your fun times near the ocean! www.laislenita/

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