About Us


Our Purpose

La Islenita wants to capture the peace that comes when you sit on the shore embracing the beauty of the sea.  We hope that with each timeless piece of jewelry that you wear from our collection, you will take a moment, close your eyes, take a deep breath and...listen for the waves.

Our Cause

We strive to raise awareness for those who are in need. We contribute to programs and charities that assist, serve, and provide for those who are unable to help themselves. We know if we all work together, we can put an end to hunger, thirst, and homelessness.


She can barely remember the day in her young life that would change things forever.  She was born in Havana surrounded by ivory sands and crystalline waters.  The times were tumultuous and, like so many in the 60’s, she became an immigrant to the United States. Throughout her childhood there was only one place she felt at home...the seaside.  Near the sea, she was able to see the beauty in everything around her; feel serenity to calm all fears; and find strength from its vast, powerful existence since the beginning of time.




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