This policy was not written by a lawyer because the truth is pretty simple and transparent.

  • We only use your information to answer your questions or process your orders.
  • We will only email you if you ask a question via email or sign up for our newsletter.
  • Your online order, billing, and contact information stays with Amazon or Stripe checkouts. We don't keep it in our computer systems.
  • We have provided more details below. If you have additional questions, email us at

How your information is used.

When you purchase from La Islenita, you are providing your information securely to Amazon or Stripe when you checkout. We do not keep your credit card or personal information.

Once you have decided to pay through either Amazon or Stripe, all information that you provide lives within Amazon and Stripe and is subject to their privacy policies.  We will ask Amazon or Stripe to charge your credit card and we do not have access to your full credit card number.

For fulfilling your order, our employees will see your shipping address, billing address, and items purchased which they will use to process and ship the order.  If there is a problem with your order, we will use the contact information you provided to notify you.

We will not share the information that you provide at the time of purchase with anyone except those who must be involved in the order fulfillment process.  We will not sell your name or address to other companies.  We will never sell your all. Period.

If we have a special coupon, catalog, or product sample to send our customers, we may use your mailing address to send you the promotional item. 

How your information is protected. 

In order to provide you with a secure shopping experience, we direct you to Amazon or Stripe which allows you to complete a transaction using their secure system that can protect your payment and personal information.

When you sign up for our e-mail list, we will only use your e-mail address to provide updates on new products or sales.  If you e-mail or call our support team to ask a question, we will only use the information that you provide (such as name and contact information) to help respond to your request.  If necessary, we will access your order history with us through Amazon or Stripe to help answer any questions that you have regarding your purchases.

We will never share your information outside of the company unless we specifically ask you for permission and you tell us it's ok.  One example of this might be offering to pass your information along to a retail partner so they can assist you by providing a product catalog that will help you locate an item you have been looking for.  Again, we will always explicitly ask your permission and will only assist you in this way if you give us permission. 

How our e-mail newsletter works.

We will only send you non-order-related e-mails if you sign up for our e-mail newsletter. Our e-mail newsletter provides updates on new products and discounts that are available to you. Some of these discounts will be available only for e-mail list subscribers. You can opt out of the subscription at any time by logging into your account, choosing the Newsletter link and highlighting the 'No' subcription checkbox. 

Where to find future revisions of our Privacy Policy.

New versions of our privacy policy might be posted from time to time. Check back periodically for updates if you're interested in keeping up with these changes.

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