Jewelry Care


What is the best way to care for my jewelry once I have received it?

When you are not wearing your jewelry, store it in a cool, dry place away from sunlight or artificial light.  Remove your jewelry before exposure to household cleaners, chlorine, detergent, saltwater and any lotions that contain chemicals. Clean it regularly.


How should I clean my jewelry?

Use warm water and mild soap, rinse, and polish with a soft cloth.  Dry your jewelry before storing.  Gold and silver can tarnish or leave water stains on precious metals.


How should I care for sterling silver jewelry?

Sterling silver jewelry should be stored in tarnish prevention cloth or plastic (Ziploc) bag.  Sterling silver can react with gases in the air or substances it comes in contact with and should be kept in a cool, dry place.

We recommend Hagerty's Silver Keeper. Watch their video below for details.


The best choice for cleaning sterling silver is to use polishing cloths.  In case the tarnish is not removed with the polish cloth, then it may be dipped to remove the tarnish.

We recommend Hagerty's Silver Cleaner. Watch their video below for details.


How should I care for precious stones?

Emeralds, Opals - soak briefly in cool water, wipe gently with damp cloth, and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.  Avoid hot water, steamers, and ultrasonic cleaners.

Pearls, Turquoise – Wipe gently with damp cloth and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.  Avoid hot water, soaking, chemicals, steamers, and ultrasonic cleaners.


Your products sometimes say they have "Rhodium" on them. What does that mean?

Rhodium is a metal that is used to coat sterling silver and protects it from tarnishing. 
You can read more about Rhodium on Wikipedia if you're curious.



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