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Opal sea life and nautical themed rings for fingers and toes. 

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Blue Opal Inlay Sea Turtle Ring
This cute sea turtle poses on top of a sterling silver band. The ring features dazzling blue-gree..
Blue Opal Wave Ring
Blue Opal Wave Ring made from .925 Sterling Silver.  ..
Double Dolphin Opal Ring
Two dolphins harmoniously circle each other on this ring, featuring a gorgeous inlay of blue-gree..
$40.00 $30.00
Early Bloom White Opal Plumeria Ring
This lovely .925 sterling silver ring features a small plumeria flower with white opal petals. ..
Modern Opal Turtle Ring
The smooth lines and streamlined form of this .925 sterling silver ring make for a modern (but st..
$50.00 $40.00
Opal Butterfly Ring
A butterfly has landed on your ring! Is it taking a rest, or just flaunting its shimmery bluegree..
Opal Dolphin Ring
This ring is made of .925 sterling silver, and features a dolphin swimming in a circle. ..
Opal Double Honu Turtle Ring
Two honu sea turtles swim alongside each other on this sterling silver ring. The turtle ..
Opal Palm Tree Ring
This sterling silver ring features a palm tree with blue-green opal palm fronds, waving in the se..
Opal Plumeria Ring
Our plumeria jewelry is a favorite, and it's easy to see why. We can't get enough of these beauti..
Opal Seahorse Ring
This ring features a handsome seahorse,glimmering with blue green opal inlay on its body.  ..
Opal Sparkle Dolphin Ring
This dolphin gracefully encircles your finger with a nose and tail studded with sparkling..
Opal Starfish Ring
This .925 sterling silver ring features a starfish with blue green opal inlay. It is half size ad..
Plumeria Opal Flower with Leaves Ring
This is a beautiful plumeria ring featuring an iridescent blue green opal on the petals. Mate..
Sparkle Opal Turtle Ring
This turtle is going places and wants to take you along! A swimming sea turtle with sparkly cubic..
Swimming Opal Turtle Ring
Take home your own swimming sea turtle on a ring! This turtle's shell is full of rich bluegreen h..
Triple Plumeria Opal Ring
Three lovely plumeria flowers line the top of this pretty ring. The petals feature a shimmering b..
Whale Watcher Ring
Enjoy wearing this glimmering sterling silver whale tail that forms a perfect circle around your ..
White Opal Inlay Sea Turtle Ring
This sea turtle poises on top of a sterling silver band and features gorgeous white opal ..
White Opal Plumeria Ring
This eye-catching plumeria ring is made with .925 sterling silver and white opal. Our plumeria je..
White Opal Shell Turtle Ring
Living in almost every ocean basin in the world the turtle is one of earth's most ancient creatur..
White Opal Starfish Ring
An employee favorite! This .925 sterling silver ring features a lovely starfish sparkling with sp..
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